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We contribute to the sustainable transformation of the built environment with the wisdom of the past and the technologies of the future.

Let's build opus and sustainable spaces together! 

 Integrated Design Office




"Turkey's First Integrated Off-Grid Inspiration and Innovation Center" A laboratory that lives beyond borders. Zeitgeist Bodrum is a place where the world’s creative people can stay, work, explore and meet.


The project focus on the “Zero Carbon Living” vision, where the campus, including the greenhouse farm, cooling, and heating center, and experiences, can be completely self-sufficient in electricity, water, and waste management.  

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HOUSE PROJECT /Morocco, 2019

The Reyard House is a building architecture project designed and built by the Team Bosphorus team, which came together as part of the Solar Decathlon Africa competition. 

Sustainable and local materials were used in the design of the project. The project, which won numerous awards, came to life with its zero waste and zero energy mission.  

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